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Our Bitcoin Address: 31s62X7UZbRoVD75eeBdy1K2Pu4DDVXHqY

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TRC20: TDh9Ak1r6EdtLqHXLyWmRrZYv4rcXgCytr

BEP20: 0xcca5f38913c9F633Db765dbaC3a0a24AC85DD316

Step 1: Please send the money to our bitcoin address above

Step 2: After sending the bitcoin corresponding to the course’s price you want to purchase, contact us the name of that course via email at,

we will send the course within 3 hours (Our company is located in Singapore and the time zone is GMT + 8)

You will receive the download link right after making the payment if you pay via PayPal or Credit Card

Our system will automatically send the course to your email right after receiving the money



Amanda Bynes